Olinda Historical Trail Takes You to Brea's Outback

Jan 01 2005

You'll find this unique trail offers more than just a hike into the hills. There are stops along the way to ease the 275-foot vertical climb that invite you to look into the past, understand the present and imagine the future.

As you follow the trail's path toward the hills, you'll be amazed at the sweeping views of of Orange County, the ocean, and even Catalina Island. When you reach the summit, relax under the shade of a giant pepper tree as you take in this dramatic expanse of open space with its rolling hills, wild flowers, native vegetation, and majestic hawks circling overhead. Continue along the trail to the east, and you'll enjoy panoramic views of Carbon Canyon Regional Park and Chino Hills State Park as you meander your way down to a shady canyon. Following the trail back,
you'll see the terrain from another vantage point equally impressive as the first.

To add perspectives to your hiking experience, you'll find interpretive signs telling the story of Olinda 's history, describing the geology of the area, and explaining why there has been an abundance of oil here and how it shaped Olinda 's destiny. Speaking of oil, it should be noted that oil production and open space coexist peacefully in this area. Oil is still pumped from beneath the ground, while wildlife and native plants flourish. Through an innovative development agreement and a conservation easement with oil companies, the City of Brea is protecting nearly 200 acres of beautiful open space nearby.

Watch for details on the opening of the Olinda Historic Trail, and plan to visit the trail to experience your own close up look at the Brea Hills. For more information on the trail, call the City of Brea at (714) 671-4403.